Lizzie the Snow Girl

Lizzie the Snow Girl is a beautiful love story of a grandma and a granddaughter having fun in the snow. The story brings out the good times in being a child once again in building a blanket tent for our friend the snow girl. Life with a child or and with children are precious moments. Children remember the moments of love, and laughter and the time you spend with them while they are little. When they grow up as adults, they remember the precious moments and they too will share those moments with their own children. Oh! What a blessing it is to give each and everyone of you a gift of Christmas love in my book called Lizzie the Snow Girl. I hope these precious moments I spent with our granddaughter will inspire you to spend time with your children and grandchildren and live in the moment of love, laughter, and joy.With Christmas love,Aleigh

by Aleigh Qubty

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