Looking Through My Father's Eyes: A Journey of the Heart

Looking Through My Father's Eyes: A Journey of the Heart is a beautiful guide to deeper wisdom, opening us to a greater love. Through the artistry of stories from my father's life and my own reflective questioning, one is prompted to explore their own life experience and to unlock the guidance of their heart. I have had a dream since I was a little girl, looking out into the stars, that one day we as humanity would awaken to our inner light. That we would come to a place where there was no more hatred, war, anger, suffering, greed, or loss. That we would find within ourselves the kindness, compassion, love, and peace that are our natural states of being, our true essence of self, and our divine nature. And we would change the world as we know it. It is said that the eyes are the gateway to the soul, and through them, the divine is experiencing the beauty of this life. As we see beyond our physical vision, we come to experience the greater purpose that is inscribed on our soul. The time is now for us to awaken our inner light and to be the change we are seeking in this world. The journey of the heart is the pathway to this change, opening us to healing, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, joy, and love. Through courage, we can change the world as we embrace the way of the heart. Let your heart be your guide as you embark on this journey.

by Denise Thomas

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