Make The Best Barbecue You've Ever Eaten

Hello there,

I am now 68-years-old and I've been “cu-ing” since I was 11. I was raised by my mother who worked, and very often I was the guy who had to cook the meals! I feel that I've burned enough barbecue since that young age to know how to do it right by now. The sauce that we use has been passed down 3 generations down to me. I have changed and added ingredients so that no one in the family will be angry with me for exposing our secret recipe! I think my sauce is better and easier to make, I'm sure you'll love it! I have also included some easy to prepare recipes for casseroles, appetizers, desserts and more to enjoy with your delicious barbecue.

Well, enough said. Thank you very much for purchasing my recipe book. Prepare yourself to make The Best Barbecue You've Ever Eaten!

by Louie Holloway

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