Make Yourself Great Again

Do you ever stop and think what it might take to make you great again? Personality traits are developed individually through behavior that is exhibited over and over again. Adjustments are personal because they contribute to your abilities to be productive and successful. Personal development begins a journey fraught with disappointment and elation, failure and success, hurt and satisfaction. With proper guidance, this journey can be one of integrity, dignity, pride, and accomplishment.

Life's journey is your "first wonder of the world." Wondering what tomorrow may bring, wondering if success will result, and wondering if you are on the correct path! A need to be strong, wise, and in control guides you through suggestions, ideas, and experiences. You may stumble and fall, but faith and belief encourages you, provides you the strength to get up, and moves you to continue. Determination and drive erase "wondering if," and guides you over the finish line! Trust faith, believe in yourself, and gallop on! These are learned skills, and this book provides suggestions for making these things happen.

by Michael Haro

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