Mama Law and the Moonbeam Racer

Calvert Law was born in Bayou Cane, Louisiana the son of two prominent attorneys. Born into wealth and power he had it all; movie star good looks, acclaim as a star athlete and a can't miss tag in life. Then in an instant it was gone, replaced by depression and a dependence on the bottle. Crippled and flawed by his own frailties and the knowledge that he could never live up to his father's reputation, the town's favorite son abruptly left Bayou Cane.

The story picks up ten years later in Chicago. Law is a veteran detective and he and his partner are on the trail of a brutal serial killer named by the press as the ‘red necktie killer'. While on stakeout they get set up and his partner is killed. The evidence points to him as the killer.

At his arraignment the Judge asks, “How do you plead?” Before he or his attorney can get out a word another person is answering the charge in a clear female voice that could be described as silk being pulled against gravel, “Innocent of all charges.” Bemused the Judge looks up and asks. “Who pray tell are you madam?” “Cordelia Law for the defense your honor.”

Cordelia's unorthodox defense of her son comes at a heavy cost. Her no holds bar court room manner has exposed two crooked cops, a shoddy investigation and ruffled the feathers of an unsavory bail bondsman who puts a hit out on them.

After the acquittal they think the worst is over but it has only just begun as the killer follows them to Louisiana leaving a trail of blood in his wake and casting further suspicions on her son.

by Fred Yorg

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