Memoirs of a Happy Psycho: A Cheat Code on How to be Happy

How many times have you been asked how you were doing, and you responded “better”?In all honesty you might have been doing a little better than the last time but not much. Then this book is for you. But this book is also for people who are just tired of not living their best lives. People who wish they had someone they can go to that can help direct them on the path to living that best life.How many people wish they had an older person they can turn to when they feel doubt to ask for advice? Someone who has accumulated years of wisdom to say “You know what I've been there, and this is what these things will lead to. Let me show you how I got past that”. How many people are just in need of some source of guidance? I have felt like this my whole life. I was born blessed with a unique type of mind that as I experience life my mind records everything I learn as from a 3rd person which makes it easy for me to document and learn from things as I go. I've also done my fair share of traveling and in my own search for inner peace have picked the brain of so many people from different walks of life who had so much wisdom to give.Of all these things I have learned I picked out the most common and universal things that I feel prevent people from living their best lives and wrote this book. So that anyone reading this book can be well on their way to being better at being better. Better at beating anxiety and self-doubt, be more confident in themselves. Even help in building financial stability and find inner peace.I feel it necessary to let everyone know that I credit all of my success in life- from overcoming chronic crippling anxiety and panic disorder to surviving the prison system for years, to dealing with deaths and raising kids and heartbreak and poverty and severe PTSD and an injury that took away my ability to walk for a while to growing up with an abusive parent and sibling to battling my owner inner demons and having a heart attack at 26- to my faith in God. Not religion. My relationship with God. If you have always felt like God hasn't been there for you, read this book.If you feel like you never really felt God, read this book.If you never really thought much about God playing an active role in your life read this book.If you just need a nudge in the right direction and are lost a little bit or a lot, read this book.If you just want to be better at being better, read this book!

by Daniel De La Cruz

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