Milepost 271

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Inspired by true events

How many times have you been driving along and suddenly see a makeshift cross, a fence post or a milepost with flowers hanging on it, a sign that some poor soul had found their way there, only to find the ever after?

I have wondered countless times in countless places traveling alone, and see a lone cross on the side of the road, wondering what kind of life brought some wayward soul to this spot sometimes so desolate, why would they be there, of course some of those sites are for pets that lost their way and had an unfortunate accident with an uncaring driver too caught up in their own problems to look out for anything on the road, after all the roads are made for cars. “How dare anything or anyone be out here while I'm trying to go from one place to another.” If only they should know what I know they wouldn't be so brazen to think theirs is the only life that matters.

All Lives Matter

This is the story behind just one of those many markers dotting the roads we so thoroughly take for granted.

One lifetime of pain, filling another life with wonder and appreciation.

by George Conner

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