Million-Dollar Burglars

From the roots of poverty and a thread of family, Bryan Hiser turned to burglary of the rich and wealthy in an attempt to fill a longing emptiness. The initial excitement turned to routine, then expertise, but ultimately to disappointment and betrayal even at the pinnacle of his incredible criminal journey.

Follow every step in his road to infamy, including his internal struggles as he matured and came to grips with what he had become, and the ultimate abandonment by those closest to him. Written in Hiser's solitude and reflection, this story of understanding and self-awareness describes the struggles faced by children born into American poverty and family dysfunction and provides an in-depth look into the world of burglary like no other.

This story is not a glorification of Hiser's crimes; instead, it is an authentic telling of how he became one of Las Vegas's most notorious burglars.

by B. Hiser

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