Many of us have encountered people who were so heavenly minded they were of no earthly good. Within the pages of this book, the reader will discover the amazing link between the deity of Jesus and His humanity as it as never before been revealed. It is frequently overlooked that there were other things occurring while a miracle was taking place. Though those things are not recorded, it was necessary for it to take place and there are facts that can be safely assumed.

There are also things that can be pondered that bear no great impact on the event or actuality of the miracle, but they make the event more real as we meditate on them.

Consider just the miracle of the man born blind from birth: How much clay did Jesus make? Did He tell the man what He was putting on his eyes? Who led the man to the pool to wash away that mud? What was the first thing that he saw? Consider that the mud on his eyes did not lead to a very painful corneal abrasion!

There came the time that I was so moved to write that it could no longer be ignored. It was not and has not been done in an effort to gain personal fame or recognition. To deny the prodding and inspiration of God in writing this book is to rob Him of the praise He richly deserves. I quickly learned that the work could not be done in my own power. I was shown things that are not taught yet those insights cannot be disputed. While there is some personal speculation, there is much more that cannot be accepted as anything but reality that has been ignored. As more than one person has observed, this work contains a fresh insight and facts that fly in the face of tradition.

“It is my pleasure to recommend this exciting book, Miracles. The Lord has graced David with a common-sense discernment that justifiably challenges the traditional speculations of denominational thought. Armed with just the Bible, he will lead you down paths of insight that will transform your preconceived notions of biblical truth. Keep a pencil handy as you enjoy this insightful book. - Rev. Dr. John L. Blair, Pastor – Coventry Baptist Church, Ft. Wayne, Indiana

“This well-written composition regarding miracles by David Wiggins is a fresh, new look at the miracles reported in the Gospels. As you read, you will be transported to the scene, people and circumstances surrounding each miracle. This powerful, intriguing work should be read and treasured by every bible scholar world-wide.” - Dr. Stanford Kruse PhD, Founder and Vice President Jacksonville Baptist Theological Seminary, Jacksonville, Florida

"Everyone should read this book." - Rev Ray Graves

by David Wiggins

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