Montana Country Cookin'

Chef Angela Uhrig Lyle has always had a passion to create food with unique flavors and spices that tantalize the taste buds. She has owned and operated Raven's restaurants in Billings for the last twenty-three years. Currently, she is the chef at Raven's Café d' Art in the Yellowstone Art Museum serving daily lunches. She enjoys catering special events and has provided tasty cuisine to many entertainers like Lyle Lovett, Wynona Judd, Scotty McCreey, and many others who have performed at the Alberta Bair Theater. Serving an eclectic mix of food from across the many ethnic borders is what motivates her to cook. She has a flare for putting her own twist to traditional dishes.

It all began with Outlaw Chili! It was our (my wife's and mine) claim to fame and inspired us to publish our first cookbook in 1994 and open Raven's Down Under. Montana Country Cookin' is a cookbook filled with interesting recipes and facts from around Montana. Outlaw Chili received praise from hundreds of cowboys at the annual Miles City Bucking Horse Sale back in 1994 and it's been awarded first place recognition from state fair competitions to office cook offs to traveling salesmen saying, “Outlaw Chili is one of the best top two chilis in the west.” President Bill Clinton even enjoyed several dishes cooked by Chef Angela at a town hall meeting held in Billings, Montana, at the KTVQ Television studios on June 1, 1995. A Montana Cookin' cookbook was presented to President Clinton for his archives. The cookbook also has facts and figures about Montana listed at the bottom and tops of recipes throughout the book. These tidbits of facts give readers and cooks a quick overview of some of Montana's most noteworthy and sometimes obscure information to our state's history.

by Angela Uhrig Lyle

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