Movin' Mountains

After spending thirty years in the classroom as an elementary schoolteacher, it was time for Deanna Cook Shue to join her husband in retirement. They had big plans to travel at their leisure—go where they wanted when they wanted and stay as long as they wanted. In other words, their plans were to have no specific plans. They even bought a new camper for these adventurous trips.On October 1, 2016, Deanna's retirement became official. She and her husband were both at home daily and could begin doing all the fun things they had talked about. At least that was what they thought before their “new” future began falling apart in ways they had never expected.On November 2, only a month later, Deanna had a stroke while driving her car down the road in the middle of busy mall traffic. In December, shortly after Christmas, she was diagnosed with two types of mixed ovarian cancers that are both rare and aggressive—and this was only the beginning.Since then, she has faced additional strokes, paralysis, surgeries—and more. Their plans of having no plans quickly changed to having a very full calendar.Movin' Mountains is sure to make your heart smile as well as tug at your heartstrings as you read about the miracles God has worked to keep Deanna alive after facing death multiple times in the past four years. You may want to grab a tissue in case a few tears decide to sneak down your cheeks. At the same time, be ready to laugh a little!

by Deanna Cook Shue

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