Musings: A Collection of Verses

Musings is an extensive anthology of poems written by the author over a period of some forty years. Now, the collection is recast anew. In this new volume, the author invites the reader to join him on a journey of times, places, and scenes, both real and imaginary. This is the author's invitation as the book opens.

Like many of the drawings and paintings that the author crafted, the verses are often images of light, shadow, colors, sprawling meadows, ever-shifting meters, and phrases now hurrying, now pausing as the reader moves along through the lines and stanzas.

The reader may find themselves at the Siege of Troy or watching the Merlin of Britain casting his dragon magic. The verses may place the reader with the author in an ancient graveyard, scanning the inscriptions engraved on headstones of granite; standing below a sky full of scudding clouds; or smelling the soft scent of spring rain wafting by. Or maybe the song of a bubbling brook might tease their ears. The reader might even sit with their back pressed against an ancient oak tree, seeking to understand what old Mister Oak might say if he could speak a phrase or two. Maybe the scene will shift to the carnage of an ancient battle where there was no real victory.

Through it all, the collection invites the reader to come to know and sense the emotions, images, dreams, and so much more of the author, maybe wonder at a silver moon sailing upon an ebony sky. Frank once said, “Many of these lines came dancing from my pen as I sat and wrote these verses. They seemed to come from nowhere.”

Once, a reader asked the author, “Are you a poet?”

Frank replied with some hesitation, “I'm not sure. I'm just a writer of stories, which come stealing into my mind. That's who I think I am.”

Come visit with the author and explore his poems in Musings, and you can decide who the author may truly be.

by F. M. Bonevento

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