My 50 State Quest

While on a birthday vacation in Colorado, Valerie had an “a-ha” moment which prompted her to embark on a quest to see all 50 states. Destinations and itineraries were decided by random inspirations and always lead to noteworthy intrigue.  Join Valerie as she gives you detailed experiences at some of America's premier Major League Baseball stadiums, first-hand perspective of a foodie tour in Delaware, as well as visual imagery of some of America's natural beauty like the Grand Tetons in Wyoming, Maine's spectacular coastline and the breathtaking landscape of the American southwest. Not only does Valerie's story take you through America's greatness, but it also embodies her personal life adventure which is filled with an unwavering will to persevere and grow.  This book will not only pull at your heartstrings but provide a comical tale of discovery and hopefully inspire the reader to get out there to find the extra in the ordinary.

by Valerie Sanfilippo

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