My Baby: Our True Story - Two Lost Souls - Worlds Apart - Find Love, a Purpose, and a Destiny - A True Story

Nick is an aging sixty-eight-year-old white business executive and chronic alcoholic. Nick is just widowed and completely lost and lonely.

Nick finds beautiful Leyah, a young African American online. Leyah's story is truly heroic. Leyah is from Haiti and struggles every day just to survive. She is a beautiful and talented health care provider who must turn to being an escort, stripper, and model to make a living and raise her nine-year-old son Lolo in a harsh and unforgiving world.

Leyah is in an abusive, dominating relationship with Lolo's father and cannot escape. Leyah's one hope is that Nick can provide the experience and resources she and her son need to break free and make a life for her and Lolo.

This is the true story of Nick and Leyah's unlikely love story and their struggle to support each other against all odds in a harsh world.

by Nicholas Arther

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