My Encounter with the People of Repoobos

George Lancaster has explored caves all over the world. His spelunking skills serve him well in any situation—only this time he's in trouble. This Wyoming cave has some unwanted surprises. At first, the cave seems ordinary enough, but his boots are getting damaged by the rough, sharp rocks he's walking on. Normally when this happens, he will go back and get better prepared for the terrain. But there's something odd going on, and he feels he must forge ahead and find out what it is. The floor of the cave is angling downward, and there seems to be a light ahead. Now when you see light in a cave, it's usually coming from above, not below. This is curious, and he's intent on finding out where this light is coming from. He turns off his hard hat light and uses the light as a beacon to guide him forward. As he gets closer to where the light seems to be coming from, he trips and falls. Not good! His jacket has been shredded, and he has a few small cuts on his hands. He knew he should go back, but he felt compelled to go on. Then he falls again, but this time, he's falling into an abyss!

by Barry Nadler

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