My Letter from God: Get a Life!

While vacationing in Southern California, an unassuming and ill-equipped young man

was directly and inexplicably addressed by an individual who suddenly appeared

close to him, only to identify himself as “Angel.” At this time, “Angel” proclaimed he

held in his possession, an actual “Letter from God!” The young man's rightful birth-

name graced the cover of the unblemished, stark-white envelope. Within the folds of

the letter, it spoke of direct and specific occurrences from his past, present, and more

importantly, his future. God wished for him to weather the storm and allow himself to

be molded into a man who may serve a greater purpose. He was later entrusted with

specific knowledge of a prophecy revealing God's direct blessing and approval,

towards who shall be his bride! Yet, an arduous path awaited.

by Mike F. Welsh

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