My Prince

My handsome, precious, well-mannered son, Kalan Timothy Joshua Smith aka Spook, may you rest in peace. The love for my son would never ever die. His father, Fitzroy Kenneth Smith Sr. This is a heads-up I'm going to give to the younger folks as I outlined earlier in this book. This is what caused the death of my son. The sickness that he developed in the last part of his life is very common in today's life. The sickness came from a blow to his head during an accident he had as a teenager. If you are getting headaches frequently from any type of blow to your head, seek medical help right away, such disease in your brain should be taken more seriously. I'm not saying that the blood clot in your brain is far worse than a blood clot in other parts of your body, but just remember, your brain does all the thinking. An aneurysm occurs when a blood vessel in the brain begins to grow like a balloon and bulge. This huge obstruction can lead and leak to rupturing that causes bleeding in the brain. Once an aneurysm has burst or broken, it becomes life-threatening. It can also go unnoticed.

by Fitzroy (Smitty) Smith

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