My True Story as an Enlisted Military Wife: The drug use, lies and infidelity

It was thirty years of dysfunction, lies, and cheating. Military moves from New York, to Virginia, to Japan, to Florida, to California, to Germany, and back to California to retire where the infidelity catches up with him. He did solo tours to Thailand, Korea, and Tacoma, Washington. Never spending time with our three children, I was a single parent.I supported him and the air force. I was told when he died the military favors the veteran. After twenty years of his military career, I was the former spouse, and a check was deposited into our joint account every month. He purged the account and took my name off the account altogether. I was told by the bank officer that only who deposits it could get it out.In 2006, he was declared dead, and I stopped receiving community property payments. In 2021, I received a letter from D.F.A.S. saying I was to receive money from 2006 until 2021. Today, I still struggle and battle trying to get what belongs to me. After consulting my congressman and two attorneys that feel as though I have a good case, I'm still unable to retain an attorney.The Filo v. United States is a case that's clear contrast or identical to mine. It is a case of noncommissioned officer (NCO) versus commissioned officer (CO) in my case, and the CO wins while I still struggle, but I will fight to my death.

by Sandra G. Slayton

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