My Wild Sorrel Filly

Though times are changing, it wasn't that long ago that people who were considered ‘different' were shunned by most. Anyone who's own adjectives fall under weird, different, unique, strange, to name a few of a long list of synonyms, long to feel normal. Marilyn is the only person that I ever met that could see past our ‘differentnesses'. She saw ‘who' each and everyone was and treated everyone as normal human beings. Having an uncanny ability to make people feel special about themselves, she would draw people from all walks of life, to her. Everyone wanted her to be their Pied Piper and she did so, graciously.Though everyone was perplexed, including myself, as to why she chose me as her husband, I was greatly honored that she did so. For 12 years I had a true Angel at my side and, though I am saddened by her passing, I am also saddened that so many missed out on being touched by her.Sharing my life with her is my way of sharing her with the world. Then we can all morn the loss of her together.

by Vic Berkshire

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