Mysterious Phenomena

All these mysterious phenomena were manifested right before my eyes. It had a tremendous impact in my life. It is a reality and not a fiction that instead of letting these circumstances just linger permanently in my thoughts, it prompted me to create a book about it.

Some people have the ability to see, feel, and hear something supernatural in their lives. These people are considered to have the third eye from what I learned from others. I am one of these people, whether I like it or not. It seems that wherever and whenever I go, I always have to deal with this kind of experience.

My terrifying experiences are not easy to forget. By writing this book, I was able to release some tensions from my mind, and it helped me to clear my thoughts.

With this book, I would like to dedicate it in memory of our deceased relatives. I hope to provide my readers a very interesting and exciting true to life stories that you will love and enjoy or even relate to your life while reading it.

by Krystal Leilani Rivera Pasiliao

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