Name Your Blessing : Insight for Wise Parents

Everyone has a name. A name is usually the first thing that a baby receives from his/her parents. Many children receive their name before they are born. Names are memorial, poetic, and even unusual. Reportedly, all names have meaning. In this book, Name Your Blessing: Insight for Wise Parents, Greg Richardson provides essential insights to aid in the best selection of a child's name(s). This book provides unique details about names that make it different from any other book of names for children.

An introduction and definition of key terms begin the book which is in three sections. The first section of the book speaks to names, historical foundations for ascribing names, naming practices, and naming patterns. The next section focuses on why names convey meaning, their association to character, and their alignment to personality. The third and final section of the book provides a few techniques used to extrapolate name meaning, as well as examples and methods used in the construction of names. The book also articulates the essentiality of having insight about names and how this insight contributes to blessing the child named.

In essence, Name Your Blessing provides a brief account of word formation, from which names derive, and indicates diverse analytical procedures used to codify name meanings. In showing various name meaning extrapolations, this book indicates how an individual's compiled names form personality for the name bearer.

by Greg Richardson, Ph.D.

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