Being immortal from the outside sounds like a positive thing. But when you're the one that has to live an everlasting life with no end, watching everyone you have grown to love die, time after time, then, it becomes your curse. Throughout history, men have risen up to be heroes and villains. Somehow, there has always been a balance. At times evil seems to prevail. Like a swarm of locusts, it can be anywhere and everywhere, taking over all that is good. But somehow, good makes a comeback and evens the score. Being evil may be easy, but being good and righteous takes a lot of work and sacrifice. This story tells the tale of two men, Michael and Nathan, who are cursed with the burden of being the gatekeepers of good and evil. They pass away from the mortal realm, only to be resurrected as gods. The men are cursed by the gods, who watch them struggle through life as they persuade kings, queens, and warriors to fight for their cause, helping tilt the scale of history in their favor. Follow their trials and tribulations as they tell their side of the story throughout history. Witness their journey as they navigate famous historic battles all over modern-day Europe. Unbeknownst to them, their actions have laid the foundation of what the world is today. Nemesis explores the consequences of seeing the world in parallels of 'good versus evil' and being subjected to paths in life that may not be of one's choosing. Will Michael and Nathan be able to break free from the bonds placed on them by their gods? Or will their demise be their own making? Will it be heaven or hell on earth?

by J.A. Muller

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