Never Take Your Life

This is a book of thoughts and many stories about suicide and living with depression by a woman who died and came back to life. I am that woman. Among the subjects I mention are brain chemistry, body chemistry, financial hardship, terminal illness, love, sex, alcohol, street drugs, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, post trauma stress disorder, anger, fear, body language, mega-vitamins, nutrition, music therapy, meditation, prayer, and vibrations in the universe. The stories and experiences are from my own life or my knowledge. When I heard a television news report on current statistics of suicide, it caused me to have a panic attack. There is a suicide in this country every twelve minutes. It was stated that twenty-two veterans a day commit suicide. My daughter committed suicide. Other persons I knew committed suicide. I am keenly aware of difficulties that lead to suicide. I give you information throughout this book on steps to prevent this action. I would not have written this book if it were not for my concern over our epidemic of suicide. This writing is an attempt to give you new thoughts on why we have this happening. I found some unusual facts in doing research on suicide. Reports state more rich people commit suicide than poor people. Also, four times more men commit suicide than women. My purpose is to give you more insight into problems leading to depression that causes suicide.

by Shirley Ann Rich

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