New Age Book - Bible

Why is there something rather than nothing?

In this New Age Book/Bible, these mind-expanding questions will be answered in tasty chapters consumable anytime and anywhere in your busy day.

It will describe and explain the outside world, overall view of existence, and the initial point of creation. The hand of God in the Bible story or the scientific theory of a big bang, unbroken sequence of time, space, energy, and mass evolution.

The first makeup is the physical nonliving contents from the cosmos to the planet earth.

Then came, Bible states, life was created on earth by the will of a being outside the grasp of scientific understanding. Science states that life evolved spontaneously through chemical reaction occurring in nonliving matter lying on the surface of the planet.

Finally 1,750,000 years ago, the first humanlike ape with abstract thought and intelligence came on the scene.

Stages of Mankind

• Ancestors on evolution chain (apes and monkeys)

• Prehistoric (thirty-seven thousand years ago) recorded history

• Hunter, gatherers

• Herdsman, tribe (group trade organizations)

• Farmer (civilization, cities)

• Industrial revolution (transportation, communication)

• Dreamer (computer consciousness)

• Globalization

• Space

Another section gives suggestions and allows the individual to live in the here and now moment, predict the future, and understand human life to be happy and enjoy a healthy prosperous, successful hundred-year lifespan.

In the “create the future” section, there is a twelve-year green new deal scenario that explains how doomsday will play out on personal, national, and world stage. Finally, there are questions to ask and solutions to answer.

by Pete Arnold

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