New Age Book - Bible

Why is there something rather than nothing? In this New Age Book/Bible, these mind-expanding questions will be answered in tasty chapters consumable at anytime and anywhere in your busy day.

After reading and absorbing the complete book, I don't want the reader to put the book down, feel satisfied and enlightened and show no more interest. I need the reader to have been inspired into thinking and motivated into doing something about his and his family's lifestyle.

This is a Book/Bible of knowledge, (everything you ever wanted to know about everything) that the reader can use as his own personal “pathway” to learn. “How to live human life to perfection”, page 66 of the book, the core main topic, issue, goal of the book. So, I suggest you stary your journey, adventure there.

This section gives suggestions and allows the individual to live in here and now breath/moment, predict the future and understand human life to be happy and enjoy a healthy, prosperous, successful hundred-year lifespan.

In the “create the future” section, there is a twelve-year green new deal scenario that explains how “doomsday” will plan out on a personal, national, world stage.

Finally, there are questions to ask and solutions to answer.

This eye opening piece allows the readers to navigate the obstacles in life and to mindfully be alive, living the love & happiness quotient to perfection.

by Pete Arnold

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