Night Songs: A Collection of Poetry

Night Songs

Night Songs is a titled expression

To confirm God's presence;

For especially in the midst of trouble,

We can experience his essence.

A song is usually a brief composition

Meant to be sung;

A poem that gives a special message

With melodious tongue.

A song usually makes one merry

And sometimes makes one sad;

But this collection of songs in the night

Is written to make you glad.

Night Songs is not set to music,

But is poetic expressions;

Having triumphant effect a song provides

With inspirational lessons.

Night Songs is written to encourage

And to give you strength;

It's written to tell you God will help

And go to any length.

Night Songs is written to say God loves you,

And that he really cares;

For every burden that comes upon you,

He is willing to bear.

by Joyce A. Bratten

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