This cookbook isn't only about a food allergy that is more common than you may think OR just omitting onions from recipes. All recipes have been tried and tested on all ethnicities. There is something for everyone! And yes, there are recipes that people did not want to try because they were similar to ones they knew and didn't like until they tried the one I made.

Having a food allergy doesn't always mean you know you have it till later on when it's more severe. Writing this has been a labor of love for food and cooking while working around a terrible allergy. There are also a few family recipes handed down from generations. I love coming up with new ideas for new recipes. Sharing my love of food with friends and family is simply pure joy. Cooking yourself can be a healthier way of living by knowing what you put in your body and making that choice.

• There are dressings, rubs, and marinades—you have choices.

• These recipes are spelled out for novice to expert cook/chef.

• Tips and tricks to help with your cooking enjoyment/knowledge.

• Family recipes: Grammy's Gravy aka Marinara Sauce, Suzie's Meatballs.

• No Wussies Allowed: Spicy dishes not for the faint of heart.

• We not only drink our alcohol…we eat it!

A wide variety of different cuisines to choose from and try!

by Fierce Fiore

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