North Winds and Other Loves

I believe this book was spiritually inspired by the original anonymous author. As I read her handwritten words, it was as though she was whispering them in my ears. I was imaging her words in my mind and feeling her emotions. This is why I put her actual handwritten words as she wrote them on one side of the page and the typed portion next to it. See if you hear her whispering in your ear as you read her handwritten words, and do you experience any of her emotions? I believe her name was Barbara, and she was affected by WWII as was my father's second wife. If you experience any whispering or emotions, please let me know. Also, if you feel a cool breeze as you read, it could be the north wind.When the "power of love"OvercomesThe "love of power"The world will be at peace--Sri Chinmoy (Indian spiritual leader)I believe Barbara was trying to find a love relation to replace the love who I believe perished in WWII. We all need love in our lives. When we lose someone close to us, it is a very traumatizing event. I lost a son of sixteen years. You can never replace or forget. You live with it as long as you live.

by Barbara

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