NOUNS: Life Lessons Learned from People, Places and Things

What does butter have to do with faith? How has cell phone texting taken away the majesty of the name(s) of God? What does God really think about you? The Creator of the universe does not have "A FLAT FOREHEAD."

He doesn't look down on you, slap himself on the forehead and say, "What in the world have I done?" The beauty is that he made you for his good pleasure. It's just because he wanted to. In fact, you were made so distinctly that no other person has your exact genetic markers. You are one of a kind. The mold he used to make you is broken! In the busyness of life we can miss "nouns" that God wants to use as a blessing in our lives.

This creative, devotional book is observations of the amazing spiritual applications God can use with "nouns."

by Annie Bulat White

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