Odyssey Down Under: Parts II and III

The story, which began in Odyssey Down Under, continues with Parts II & III taking readers along for another trip with Captain Mobley and his crew on The Endeavor to South Pacific Islands, Norfolk, New Zealand, and Tasmania.

So come "down under" while we sail to some of these islands and grasp their beauty, romance, and intrigue as we continue our journey. I will write some logs and facts about this trip and fantasize how they were and how in reality they are today.

For example, in World War II, my brother, Tim, said that Hawaii's chain of islands were still tropical islands. Honolulu was rightly populated, one hotel and Pearl Harbor base. Now it's wall-to-wall--or should I say shore-to-shore--with more hotels and stops, this happening to most islands as soon as an airstrip was put in!

But still, in spite of modernization, the islands hold that ancient mystique and their primitive beauty in their nature. Geography is a call from the islands, "Here am I, come to me!" So come aboard with me for a trip of a lifetime on this Odyssey Down Under: South Pacific Islands, Norfolk, New Zealand, and Tasmania. .

by James Gardner

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