Odysseys of a Ghost Hunter

Ghosts are everywhere. You merely need to know where to look.

During the first odyssey, the ghost hunter finds a supposed haunted house in Grove Valley. A strange entity is discovered in the living room. Is the entity a ghost, spook, apparition or spirit?

In an inhabited ghost town, Fern Wood, the ghost hunter enters a curio shop, touches the top of a purple devil, and is sent to a planet named Wardrand inhabited by intelligent rabbitlike creatures. What happens to the ghost hunter?

The ghost hunter returns to Fern Wood with the method and instruments to detect and photograph a real ghost. The ghost hunter seeks places where past residents of Fern Wood have a high level of haunting. Is the ghost hunter successful?

In a small mountain city, the ghost hunter meets priests from cathedrals of devil worship. An attempt is made to photograph the devilists' most holy and sacred red eight-pointed star. What happens to the ghost hunter?

by Ronald A. Skora

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