Old Wood Road

No one goes near Old Wood Road anymore. Most stay as far away as possible. They stick to the interstate, not only because it's faster, but because of the terrible things they've heard about the forsaken road and the decaying old town that lies abandoned and forgotten at the end of it. History claims the town of Davis Farm was once a beautiful little nirvana. Surrounded by endless orange groves and a massive lake, it was said to be a playground for some of the wealthiest people in the world, so what became of them?

Legend has it, no one who has ever set foot in the old town has lived to tell the tale and for most, that is enough to outweigh their curiosity. However, that has not been the case for everyone. Numerous missing persons cases have sprung up like weeds over the past 70 years and there are many rumors that Old Wood Road and Davis Farm are somewhat to blame. The police have all but given up hope of ever finding anyone as to date, not a single body has ever been found, nor is there even any record of the town or its inhabitants after about 1935. It's almost as if it were completely wiped off the map. It has even been said that the ghosts of the dead lead you there, and once they have you, you're never heard from again.

Tales of ghosts and monsters or even a government experiment gone wrong abound, creating the disturbing aura that encompasses this unsettling place. Could there be truth to the rumors? Perhaps, but no one knows for sure, and it's not certain anyone ever will, unless, of course, they go exploring that nightmarish place and live to tell about it.

by Justin Johnson

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