One Summer in Hell

Because my family was a migrant family is why I decided to write this manuscript. It is not based on true happenings, but it very well could be.

This script is about a migrant family consisting of a father, mother, son, and two daughters traveling to the state of Oregon to work in the fruit orchards. Their car broke down in Las Vegas. The husband had to take employment in a casino; the kids were forced to enroll in school. The bullies in school gave the boy a lot of trouble, and the boy's family was a Christian family and didn't believe in fighting. The bullies took the boy to Death Valley, beat him up, and left him there to die. The boy was sixteen, but he had the yen to survive this ordeal to bring these boys to justice. He faced a lot of hard times in his attempt to make it back home. During this ordeal, he discovered a crashed plane with pilot and copilot skeletons in it. He also wound up with a broken leg. He also entered a cave for protection from the weather where he discovers gold. This played a big part in bringing the boys to pay for what they had done.

by Wesley Beaver

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