Our Journey To The Stars

As a dreamer as many are, this dream is about humans marching off into space amid opposition and conflict. Young adults discover a crashed alien spaceship. Distrusting their government, they decide to operate the ship on their own, thus developing an insightful dispute with the government.James Jones, an ex-marine, is an independent-minded person. With his sister, Mary; girlfriend, Sue; and best friend, John, they establish a crew for the ship and head off into space. Searching for life in the solar system, they build a space station on Mars and begin to explore the solar system, where they encounter alien species both friendly and not so friendly. Full funding of their adventures eventually sends them to a planet among the star system Alpha Centauri.Along the way, they join alien allies and face enemies who want to destroy them. With the assistance from these alien allies, they receive energy sources and develop speeds for their ships faster than the speed of light. Earth's Space Force receives at last the support of Earth's governments. It is a long journey for acceptance as some distrust remains. Will they endure or end up disappointed and left out? What conflicts remain for our brave young adults?Surprises lay ahead for the interested science fiction hobbyist or reader.

by C. A. Correll

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