Out of the Darkness: Kaboe Valley

Kaboe (ka-bo-e) Valley was the perfect place to live. It was far enough away from the sea that brought pirates to the village who would loot stores and cause havoc. It was nestled between two great cliffs and offered a self-sufficient lifestyle to all that lived there. The land was very fertile, and the weather was usually good. Everyone who lived in the valley knew one another. All races, faiths, and ages lived as one big happy family. Many people from the outside would come to the valley to buy fresh produce, which was always plentiful. Many would stay.

Life was perfect in the valley until the day the rain came. Light rain was normal for the valley, but this was no light rain. The valley flooded, causing many to fear drowning. Many fled with what they could carry while others decided to wait it out. The rains finally stopped, and everyone thought it was over. But when the ground started shaking and they could feel the valley sinking below their feet, they thought this was the end of the valley and their lives. Things got worse as the two great cliffs that once protected the valley began to fall toward each other, eventually bringing total darkness into the valley. Was this the end of Kaboe Valley?

by Frank Gee

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