Parable of the Crinoline

Historical evidence has consistently demonstrated the inequalities endured by the downtrodden by so-called social norms. This book contains a tale that strives to implicate past hardships in conjunction with contemporary knowledge of the times through the ramifications following young ladies undergoing psychological evaluation and exorcism.

In the wake of a global influenza, a world now destined to treachery and deception, the medical industry coveted for its science, and the church for its compassion are put to the test, as a psychiatrist finds himself coping with a dark secret from the past in a villa among the hills of Tuscany. Accompanied by his assistant and a local priest, together they witness the deaths of many within the corridors of the villa as they come to realize the hidden malice.

Soon afterward, the assistant questions her mentor's reliability, and therapist becomes patient, companion becomes foe, and reality becomes madness. Trapped in the Italian countryside, the villa's residents come face-to-face with their demons while one tragedy leads to the next. Indeed, as the guilty make amends for past sins and the untreated plot revenge, one question comes to mind: Is reality in fact the truth, or is reality truly insanity?

by Federigo Insegnante

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