PARDON : The Courage to Be Set Free

No one wants to stay in a broken marriage or relationship. Staying is hard; leaving is even harder. Pardoning yourself to leave will be the most courageous act you'll ever perform. Voices of gossip and questions like “Can I make it on my own being a single mom/dad or just being single?” are just a few thoughts that you will find floating in your head. You will be okay. You will be better than okay because you will have your dignity back, and your soul will be filled with peace that you yearned so long for.Divorce is an uncomfortable conversation. More so for the person who is actually going through the divorce and not those who stand by with judgment. We cannot lie around being low-hanging fruit for everyone. As with any fruit, some are examined to see if it should be chosen. While that part of the process is necessary, it sometimes can cause bruising.Once you are the chosen fruit, if not used in your due season for the intended purpose, you will spoil and become rotten, and may I say it, bitter—no use to anyone. I say, be careful whom you allow to handle you. Be mindful of your shelf life, your worth, and be courageous to set yourself free for your God-given purpose. Be courageous, my beloved. Pardon the warden(s). Pardon anyone and everyone who besets bitterness in your soul. And most importantly, pardon your beautiful self.

by Sharon Moman

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