Passing on the Keys of Life: Becoming a Man

For many years, I've been observing the direction of today's youth, and it became obvious to me that there are too many young men who lack a moral compass. I've also observed young men who simply don't want to work. They believe everything is supposed to easy. What's sad about this situation is that many times, men are comfortable being supported by their women.

I wrote this book to help single mothers get a better understanding of how young boys' think. It took a strong father and a quick backhand at times to put me in my place. While I commend the job that single mothers have done thus far without the father, I felt like I could help by telling them some lessons I learned from my father.

I also wrote this book to help young men who are now fathers who may have absolutely no idea how to be a father. We need our men to be men again and realize that the protection of the home is their most important job. I've come to realize that maybe guys would do better if they knew how to do better. Let's talk men; let me tell you what my dad taught me about being a man.

I pray this book will also help young boys understand some of the emotions they may feel growing up. My dad taught me having too many friends is a bad thing; let me tell you why. My dad told me to not follow the crowd, be your own man, and I have some great stories about why.

This book is a collection of lessons my father used to teach me about becoming a man. I've included some examples of how I used them or, in some situations, how I ignored them, and the consequences that occurred. I'd like to personally thank you if you've chosen to read this book, and I pray that my father's words and my experiences will inspire you. Always remember, “The only man you need to be better than is the man you were yesterday.”

by T.E. McCoy

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