Passionate Impressions in Love's Reflection: Romantic Poetic Expression

It becomes obvious to anyone who gets to know me that I am a hopeless romantic. I am not sure what instigated my sentimentality over love and romance, but I have an affinity for all things that exhibit the beautiful qualities of passion. The incredible holding power of love should not be taken for granted, even as it can either profoundly entice or greatly elude. The full effects of love's intensity move me with deep appreciation. Some may say that I live in a fantasy world with my notions about romantic love, but I don't let that bother me. I just hop on my magical unicorn and ride off into the sunset.I use my poetry to express intensity of emotions, whether it be to entice, delight, mystify, enlighten, ache, or touch. Sometimes, even through love's painful experiences, there can be profound beauty taken from it that leaves lasting impressions. For love, in all its reflections, has much to teach us about its purpose as the most powerful force in existence. Since the beginning of time as we know it, it has lived and breathed its testimony, serving to inspire.This collection of poetry came together for publication from encouragement from friends and fellow peer poets who believe in me. I have always enjoyed writing, but the past few years have been pivotal times of creativity. I have changed from a woman seeking deliverance from pain to a woman experiencing inexplicable passion. The obsession of love has become an innate part of my personality that needs to express itself in words. I guess you could say, I am smitten about anything written about love.My hope is for the readers of my poetry to experience an emotional connection or perhaps find release through my various themes of love. Some of my love poems take on a tone of spirituality while others embrace aspects of sensuality. But all show phases and faces of love in need of expression. For as mysterious as love can be, it always makes its presence known in one form or another with unmistakable impact.Welcome to my world of Passionate Impressions in Love's Reflection.

by Cherie Leigh

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