Peephole To My Soul

For Your Eyes Only

I took a peep inside my soul, so I call this the peephole to my soul

What I saw was a complex compilation of mass miscommunication

The only way I can best describe it is like a Picasso

A hot mess but in an oddly memorizing way

I thought it was so beautiful with all the black and broken cracks,

how somehow there were still splatters and bursts of bright colors

I loved how the painting portrayed looked like a drunk driver told Jesus to take the wheel

Like how through all the chaos, you can still see a settled meaning behind it all

But yet after all since the tale of the century is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder

This is the first time I've looked inside myself

Ya know with peephole you can never look in

So from the inside out the world is so small

So small that there's more on the inside than the out but

How come I could never figure out

I had to get inside to look out

I want you to eat me like a sandwich on your lunch break

by Rendon Santana

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