Dr. Park, an American virologist, has disappeared while on a scientific expedition to study rare viruses in the permafrost of the Ural Mountains in Russia. Just before disappearing, he has found exactly what he was looking for. Weeks later, Dr. Park resurfaces in the captivity of North Korean affiliated agents. An elite US military special operations team is dispatched to recover him at all costs.

One member of the team, Chief Petty Officer Jeremy Baron, has a personal obsession with making a difference to the world and correcting the mistakes of his tragic past. Baron and his team are sent onward to what should have been a simple snatch-and-grab rescue mission. Get in, get out, come home. But the mission awry. Eventually, everything Baron and his team believed about the operation is called into question.

Who is the enemy? What is their plan? What are the consequences of failure? There is more at stake than anybody realized; and layers of lies, deceit, and complex geopolitics are obfuscating the goal.

Now it's a race against the clock to stop what could be, not only a local tragedy but a global catastrophe.

by M. J. Schwartz

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