Poems from the Heart

Poems from the HeartThis book contains a wide spectrum of subjects.It will give you a valuable resource of poems that can be used for different occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas, Father's Day, and Mother's Day. It also provides messages of advice, inspiration, life applications, the wonders of nature, etc.The person who coordinated the book said in the acknowledgment, "It was truly a joy for me to read over her poems. She made me laugh and smile. There were times when I was in deep depression, but I would begin working on her poems and soon my depression was gone. The author often said that she could write poems in just a short period of time, which means to me that she was definitely gifted by God. During this time period, I learned of her innermost thoughts and rediscovered that she had a deep faith and belief in God. I'm so grateful to be able to share her poems with the world. She was truly a wonderfully, inspired person."An Early StartWhat a beautiful feeling to breathe the morning air.There's peace and quietness and solace everywhere.Your mind becomes clearer and easy to reflect,On the many things in life, you must not neglect.It's easy to plan for the coming day.On days and months ahead, and events to come your way.It's very wise to keep in sight,Past and present happenings, they may help guide you right.Start your day with a cheery smile.Put into it something that is really worthwhile.The early bird catches the worm it is said.So venture out and don't be afraid. (See more of this poem inside)

by Beatrice Wilson Crutchfield

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