Project Gabriel: A Creation Story

Enter the realm where God is the Architect, and the angel Gabriel leads the project to create it. Living aspects created are constructs that help formulate and mold this new project. Unlike other projects created, this project involves time and jealousy as key constructs that help define the battle to come.

This universe, this realm, was created as one of an infinite number of projects but became askew. The ultimate equation has changed and becomes unbalanced because of jealousy. Lucifer, one of the Architect's chief creators, became jealous of the Architect and was banished into his own space. The creation of the universe, of this realm, became a game. To win the game, Gabriel had to rebalance the equation that had always been balanced, namely love = love.

The angel Gabriel designs the creation process from his perspective because he was the project manager. Humanity starts out with a utopian society where people are not subject to the laws of entropy. This soon changes though as Lucifer tempts humans and evil becomes a construct within humanity.

Who would come and rebalance this equation? It had to be someone who had unique characteristics, someone with the God code. This person had to lead the change into the next level of the game and start the process to bring balance back to the equation.

by Peter Cailotto

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