Psycho-Bible: Where Modern Psychology Meets Timeless Wisdom

Upon completing his graduate degree on mental health treatments, therapist and pastor J. Barry Wilson noticed a familiar thread running through each respected model. From Victor Frankle's search for meaning in life, Albert Ellis' paradigm for changing how we think, and Piaget's developmental models, it dawned on Wilson that the core of all this psychobabble held acumen and design from the greatest historical influence of all time--the Bible. Aside from Christian practitioners, many psychologists or psychotherapists today may dismiss the Bible as a book of religious storytelling with little or no relevance to the twenty first century. But in Psycho-Bible, Wilson reveals the timeless wisdom from which much of modern psychotherapy borrows its fundamental models. With a folksy, straightforward writing style that blends the counseling theory with biblical principles, the applications pertinent to mental health in today's hectic world will be at your fingertips. Whether you are an academic, or just someone looking for a little guidance through life, you will discover the relationship between psychology today and the timeless truths running through the Bible. Remember: It's not another book of psychobabble; it's Psycho-Bible.

J.B. Wilson earned an associate degree in biblical studies, a bachelor's degree in business management, and a master's degree in clinical counseling. After serving in various areas of Christian ministry for nearly twenty years, he spent the next twenty years as a psychotherapist in private practice and in a hospital clinical group therapy setting. He also served as adjunct professor of religion, biblical studies, ethics, and theology at Olivet Nazarene University. He is now retired with his wife of 48 years and enjoys writing as a hobby. Other works include, Cleared by Arrest an American Injustice, released in March of 2022, and Terre Haute, scheduled for release sometime in 2023.

by J.B. Wilson

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