Quinn's Reality

In the blink of an eye, all of your hopes and dreams and your very life can be unexpectedly taken away from you. Ten-year-old Quinn finds himself teetering on the verge of imminent death. He is a victim of hate, fueled by systemic ignorance and intolerance of those deemed different from the perceived normal. Even at his most vulnerable while clinging to dear life, those with hate ingrained in their hearts continuously seek to hurt him.Quinn's best friend, Laura, stands firmly by Quinn's side as he battles both internal and external forces seeking to send him into the afterlife. Laura and her friends embark on a harrowing journey to not only save Quinn but also “right” a few wrongs along the way.As their collective journey progresses, they are thrust into uncharted waters where they will need to find the fortitude to push forward, ultimately discovering the truth about past events, the bonds forged by friendship, the pain of imminent loss, and the joy of new beginnings.Will Quinn be strong enough to resist death's grasp so he can become the person that he is destined to be?Will Quinn succumb to death leaving his friends and family behind with a deep hole in their hearts?

by Ena Kosmo

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