Raptors on the Flambeau: Book Two: Teen Years

The Raptor family has just come through a tumultuous thirteen-year saga. Now they are moving east to Charlotte's family and a whole new set of friends and associates. Fresh off the Chippewa Indian reservation, Michael, the middle son, faces a whole new set of challenges, learning how to act in a more refined social environment. Follow him, and laugh at his hilarious foibles and misdeeds! Cringe with him at his social gaffes, and ride with him on secret night journeys to see his forbidden love.As he struggles to break his parents'' iron control on his life, he finally manages to break the paralyzing grip of fear that has haunted him so long, and face down his tormentor.The bonds of the many rules and regulations of the Mennonite church he was raised in can barely hold him as the life of cool friends, fast cars, and cute girls' calls.

by T.L. Hershey

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