REMINISCENCE : World War Two as Seen by Fourteen Combat Veterans

This is a book about World War Two. There are no tactics described. The grand plan will not be found here. This is about the soldier, the sailor, the marine, who, as always, bears the burden of the fight. Nobody ever asked the GI's if they wanted to go to war. But when the crisis came, they went. They fought. They suffered. They wept. Their comrades died. Their stories are sad, in that they are being forgotten by a country that should know better, one which exists today because of what they did. Sad because having lived through the danger, the agony, the fear, they no longer receive the awe and respect they so richly deserve. Sad, because they feel they are losing what they fought for, what their buddies died for. Freedom. This is their story, the way they lived it, the way they remember it, told in their own words. Fourteen men who survived the worst conflict in history. Fourteen out of sixteen and a half million who answered the call.

by Robert N. Conner

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