Human trafficking, slavery, and the horrors associated with it are still a common occurrence even in this modern age. Throughout the world, young children and adults disappear every day. Many willfully pay to try to find their way to a better life, but monetary or forced services for payment can exact a terrible toll. Some are kidnapped or sold into slavery, and others suffer even worse, ending up in brothels or abused and used for unimaginable purposes. Many are never seen again, with only a lucky few ever escaping or being rescued from the worst conditions.

This is the story of a very brave group of men and women dedicated to the task of finding and rescuing these lost souls. The brilliant and beautiful director of this organization has suffered the grief of the disappearance of her own daughter. The leader of her tactical team, a decorated ex-Navy SEAL, has also seen the devastation a loss like hers can cause. Using the best technological resources available, their team of individuals—whose skills are honed by years of experience—undertake the difficult assignments of locating the persons responsible, shutting down their operations, and, when fortunate enough, bringing the rescued captives to safety and returning them to their homes or families.

In reality, this specialized team does not yet exist. Perhaps this story will not only shed more light on this horrible tragedy and crime of modern civilization but also inspire the formation of such a group.

by Ray Blackhall

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