Resurrection Squad - The Heist

It is sometime in 2055. The day is Saturday, just after midnight. This is a world where, the divide between rich and poor is even wider. Robotics and A.I (Artificial Intelligence) has taken over most of the industries of the Global States. There is high unemployment. There are more people out of work, than in work. Major civil unrest. Rioting and looting is commonplace. Crime is out of control. Police are stretched to their limits.

The highly secret, yearly masquerade ball is in full swing. Only very VIPs are aware of the event. There are approximately one hundred guests in their finery, indulging themselves with the best food and drink from around the metropolis. A psychopathic villain and his crew, have managed to take over the ball. Among the guests is Drew Slater, ex-resurrection squad member, who is there on a mission of his own. Realising the enormity of what is happening, he calls on Resurrection Squad for assistance, and so the story unfolds.

by A.D. Shaw

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