Return to Cattail Marsh

Photojournalist Paige Thompson has sworn off love after being caught off guard by a cheating boyfriend and the end of their five-year relationship when she's beckoned home to New Jersey. Her parents have been in a tragic accident, which has left her father lying in the morgue and her mother in an ICU bed. Once back in Meadowbrook, Paige, one to never let a good intrigue go unsolved, makes it her mission to uncover the unusual circumstances surrounding her father's death. Her meddling, twists and turns, and leads her into more than one dangerous situation, which not only reveals the truth of the accident but the truth behind the disappearance of a fourteen-year-old boy twenty-five years earlier whose body was unearthed during the construction of a reservoir. As Paige's investigation crisscrosses the lines of right and wrong, she exasperates ruggedly good-looking homicide detective Nathan Edgemont, a former childhood friend. As their lost friendship is rekindled and transformed, sparks ignite. Her closed heart is further confused when the confident, handsome attorney Michael Wilson charms her with his attentions. Rumors had circulated for decades about the hauntingly beautiful Cattail Marshlands which surrounded the small town of Meadowbrook near the Jersey Shore. So when Paige learns that a reservoir has been built in the center of the marshlands, she is naturally drawn back to her childhood playground and all the secrets it holds.

by Linda Panasuk

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